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Biology: Chapter 1 Study Guide

Metric Conversion Quick Tutorial

If you have difficulty with converting one metric unit to another (like figuring out how many millimeters (mm) are in 72 centimeters (cm)), please go through this Powerpoint and do the worksheet questions at the end of it (just work on enough problems until you feel comfortable with the concept).  The worksheet answers are here.

I just noticed that on the test, I included a question about the correct order of largest to smallest unit of metric measurement.  If you look through the Powerpoint I linked to in the above paragraph, and study the "ladder" of units graphic, it would help you with this question.

Main topics to focus on! (from 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, part of 1-4)

~ Definition of a hypothesis and be able to recognize a hypothesis
~ Definition of independent (manipulated) variables and dependent (responding) variables and be able to recognize them
~ Definition of experiemental and control groups and be able to recognize them
~ Steps of the scientific method
~ Theory vs. hypothesis
~ Metric units conversion (for example, converting 200 milliliters into liters)
~ Characteristics of living things and examples (see the colorful two-page spread in 1-3)