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Biology Online Textbook Enrollment Instructions

When you enroll or register, type the access code exactly as shown below for your period.  Use all uppercase letters, and include dashes.

Class/Group name: 1 - Period 1
Class access code:

Class/Group name: 3 - Period 3
Class access code: 1F4485163E9A79DF9419

Class/Group name: 4 - Period 4
Class access code:


Class/Group name: 5 - Period 5
Class access code:

Note: 0 = zero… O = letter “O”

Registration/Enrollment Instructions

1.  Go to http://www.pearsonsuccessnet.com

2.  Click the “Register” button.

3.  On the first screen, type the class access code above in the access code field.

4.  Follow the instructions to register.  Please DO NOT use your full name as your user name.
To create a user name: use your FIRST name and FIRST INITIAL of your LAST NAME.
If that is not enough characters (you need 6-10 characters for a user name), add "BIO" to the end of your name.
For example, student Jane Doe wants to register, but "JaneD" as a username is too short to qualify.  Jane will then create a username of "JaneDbio" which now qualifies as a valid username.

5.  At the end of registration process, the SuccessNet login page appears.

6.  Log in by typing your user name and password.

Write down your user name and password and keep this in your binder!

User name: _______________________________________

Password: ________________________________________