. . . m s . y u e ' s  w e b s i t e . . .


Hum Phys Spring Break Extra Credit

PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!! Failure to do so may disqualify you from any extra credit.

DUE MONDAY 4/12/10!


Option 1: Make a Model (up to 30 lab points; individual)
Create a 3-D model of one of the following:
- Heart (external and internal views)
- Lungs
- Blood circulation (showing oxygenated/deoxygenated blood flow)

General requirements:
- color coded or labeled
- made of non-edible material (to prevent rats, cockroaches, etc. from attacking it)

Option 2: Write and perform an original song (up to 20 lab points; may work with up to 3 other people)
Create a song that teaches students about any of the topics that we have studied so far in this second semester.

If you make a music video, that would be worth up to 30 lab points.  If you choose this option, please burn the video onto a DVD.  Do not upload onto Youtube because it is not accessible from school.

General requirements:
- you must perform the song (or show the video) in class on Monday when it is due.
- if you wish, you may bring an instrument to accompany you.
- submit lyrics for song on Turnitin.com by 8AM on monday 4/12/10

Option 3: Interview a health care provider (up to 30 lab points; may work with one other person)
Interview a doctor, nurse, or physician's assistant about various topics (you will need to come up with specific questions... these are just a start... basically, the more detailed your interview, the better your score)
- how did they become interested in their field
- daily work life
- pros and cons of their job/field
- what do they like/not like about their job
- any interesting cases they've seen
- I'm sure there are many more topics you can think of!

General requirements:
- For interviews, it may help to record it so you can go back and listen to the answers.  I won't need this turned in, it's just a suggestion for you :)
- Turn in a typed up a summary of the interview. It may be in the format of a transcript (like the script of a play) of the or like a Q&A article in a magazine.
- Take a picture with the person and include in your typed summary.
- Also submit your summary on Turnitin.com by Monday 4/12 at 8AM.