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Rat Dissection

Online Rat Dissection Guide

Sections you need to study (any section not listed you do NOT need to know)
Introduction to the Rat--In "Glossary of Terms," know the usual "dorsal/ventral, anterior/posterior" but also what the thoracic and abdominal regions are and "right/left" of the organism
External Anatomy--Read all the "External Anatomy" portion & know the regions of the rat!; Rat diagram for skinning
Head, Thoracic, Abdominal--The Thoracic Organs, The Abdominal Organs; Rat diagram for opening up thoracic/abdominal region
Urogenital System--all of it
Circulatory System--just know that there are 4 chambers to the heart (right/left atrium, right/left ventricle)

Rat pre-lab quiz will be similar to the Frog quiz!

Rat Lab Packet: Just the Pictures!
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